CPA newsletter January 2020. Climate Crisis Digest - The Abysmal Failure of COP25.

December was a dismal month,

CPA newsletter December 2019. Climate Crisis Digest - The New Climate War

‘This is the new climate war’ says Professor Michael Mann, 

CPA newsletter November 2019. Climate Crisis Digest - Extinction October Rebellion, Gaian Change

Amongst those who face the truth of global heating, ecological destruction and species extinction, there is widespread consensus around one radical new starting point:

CPA Newsletter October 2019: Climate Crisis Digest - A New Epoch in Facing Difficult Truths

Good news that over 250 media outlets have pledged to focus on climate crisis...

CPA Newsletter Sept 2019: Making Connections (and welcome to the New Zealand Climate in Mind Initiative)

...recognising and understanding the disconnections which maintain our sleepwalk into the disasters of ecocide and climate disruption ...climate psychologists are the forensic psychiatrists of the climate movement

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