Offer Therapeutic Support

Are you a qualified counsellor, therapist, clinical psychologist or someone with another relevant training who cares deeply about the climate and ecological crisis? Have you worked on your own feelings about the climate crisis and would like to offer some of your time to help others manage theirs? Do you have the capacity for the deep listening, support and validation that are so often needed?

CPA has a directory of therapeutic practitioners who offer three free sessions of support to anyone who is affected by the ecological, biodiversity and climate crises, and we invite you to join. 

Our Aims

  • Helping to understand our complex individual and cultural responses as the crisis unfolds and we engage with the unthinkable
  • Helping people to develop resilience, so that they can contribute to sustainable communities and prepare for change
  • Validating people’s experiences of responses to the climate crisis; helplessness, grief, anger, despair and fear all have their place in this work

These free sessions can sometimes lead to ongoing counselling, whether that continues to be free, low-cost or paid.

How to join

If you are suitably trained and are interested in making this offering please click here first to join CPA. You can either pay the full annual fee of £42 or, if this is uncomfortable for you or you are joining predominantly to join the Therapeutic Support register, you can opt to pay the reduced fee of £12 per annum. 

We particularly welcome practitioners from minority and under-represented backgrounds and if you identify as a person of colour we can, if you wish, put you in touch with our group for people of colour within our organisation who meet monthly for support and to work on ideas for in-reach and outreach projects.

Once you are a CPA member please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will be sent a link to an Airtable form where you can fill in your practice details, areas of interest and a short bio, including a link to your website if you have one. Your details will then be included on the register and people can contact you directly.  

Benefits of membership

As a member you will be welcome to our monthly, clinically focused event for Therapeutic Support practitioners and those in the wider CPA membership. This is a free, drop-in gathering on Zoom. You will also have access to our group on the community platform to make connections with others.

If you feel unsure or have any questions you are welcome to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. And feel free to browse our website if you’d like more of a sense of climate psychology before you decide to sign up. We also provide a list of useful links and resources here and details of recent publications and research.

Please note that CPA is not operating a counselling service or promoting individual practitioners. We simply operate a register of eco-aware practitioners who offer the free sessions of therapeutic support.  It is assumed that practitioners enter into their own contracts with anyone who contacts them and that practitioners have professional indemnity insurance and appropriate supervision in place. It is the responsibility of each practitioner to manage their therapeutic support offering within their capacity.

About Us

We are a diverse community of therapeutic practitioners, thinkers, researchers, artists and others. We believe that attending to the psychology and emotions of the climate and ecological crisis is at the heart of our work.


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