CPA Newsletter December 2020: Climate Crisis Digest - Identifying Social Collapse?

Has it not already started, the social collapse predicted to be part of climate derangement?

CPA Newsletter November 2020 - Climate Crisis Digest: Petromasculinity.

“Proud Boys”
An American all-male neo-fascist militia group called “Proud Boys” came to international attention recently when Trump gave it explicit public support.

CPA Newsletter October 2020 - Climate Crisis Digest: Meeting the future that's arrived.

How can CPA adapt its purposes to the rapid and profound changes that are now impacting the climate and climate psychology, from unprecedented hostile weather to unbridled governments manipulating through lies, from a losing fight to vanquish Covid-19 to record levels of mental distress? Does it mean a shift of focus within the scope and topics CPA has developed over the years; does it mean a radical new approach?

CPA Newsletter September 2020 - Climate Crisis Digest: Air Pollution.

Right to breathe clean air
The politics of air pollution needs a climate psychology of breathing. Breathing safe air is not just a civil right, it is an existential necessity.

CPA Newsletter July 2020 - Climate Crisis Digest: Racial Justice and Climate Justice.

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter has given a huge hopeful impetus to resistance.

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