CPA Newsletter Dec 2021- Climate Crisis Digest: Working for fossil-fuel companies

At the recently-concluded COP 26 talks in Glasgow, there were so many representatives of fossil-fuel companies that together they constituted a larger delegation than any nation.1 What is it like to work for one of these companies, to keep doing business as usual in the knowledge of the terrible damage that it is doing to us all?

CPA Newsletter Nov 2021 - Climate Crisis Digest: Serious play: experiments and connections

At the beginning of 2021, I chose a sequence of three books on the climate crisis. In a sense, I curated some reading to experiment on myself, because I wanted to find out how different kinds of books worked on me.

CPA Newsletter Oct 2021 - Climate Crisis Digest: Is This the Best We Can Do? Some reflections a month ahead of COP26

Peter Carter, IPCC expert reviewer and Director of the Climate Emergency Institute, in an interview with Nick Breeze at COP 25, Madrid, argued that the COP process was set up to fail.

CPA Newsletter Sep 2021 - Climate Crisis Digest: Climate Change & Collective Trauma

In a recent article on climate change, fragmentation and collective trauma (2021)1, I suggested that in order to understand the ground from which ‘the culture of uncare and exceptionalism’ (as Sally Weintrobe describes it2) emerged, it may be helpful to look through a trauma lens.

CPA Newsletter July 2021 - Climate Crisis Digest: On Sitting in Uncertainty

As I joined the Climate Psychology Alliance recently, I thought it would be interesting for this month’s Climate Digest to bring the perspective of someone new to the CPA and new to trying to set up conversation spaces such as Climate Cafés.

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