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Climate Crisis Digest - July 2023: Reflections on two books

The backdrop to Barbara Kingsolver’s brilliant 2012 novel Flight Behaviour was the climate emergency and human disruption of Nature. Her latest book Demon Copperhead, a 21st century Appalachian version of Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield, looks very different. But both stories are about the countryside and country people. The first involves unintended disruption of life; in the second, disruption is angrily desired.

CPA Climate Crisis Digest - June 2023: Letting Come

It is not about wrestling with the controls of economics to force it in the direction of degrowth, but about getting ready for the moment when the coming climacteric does the heavy work of degrowth for us. David Fleming1

Climate Crisis Digest - April 2023: On being fine when everything isn't

I opted out of the big earthquake feed but could not escape its vicarious trauma.

Climate Crisis Digest: Mar 2023 - Nature is Being Re-Ensouled

Last month, Mary-Jayne Rust introduced the idea of The Great Turning, the turn towards life-enhancing structures and the world view which sees the web of life as sacred and humans embedded within it. This Digest continues that theme. 

Climate Crisis Digest - Feb 2023: Hidden in the human heart

The Great Unravelling and The Great Turning

We are living through a period of major upheaval as we face the shadow of industrial growth culture. Old ways of dominating the rest of nature are falling apart. This is a time of great uncertainty, of chaos and suffering. The birth of the new is emerging in glimpses but its shape cannot yet be seen. We are in a liminal space of cultural breakdown and transformation.

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