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Youth Support Programme

CPA supports young people and those who care for them. We offer programmes and events which open up creative and reflective space to explore feelings and responses to the Climate Crisis. 

Why now?

The climate and ecological crisis is having a growing impact on the mental and emotional wellbeing of children and young people, both for those directly affected by extreme weather events and climate-related disasters and for those worried about them.

Already navigating the complexities of maturing, and without the same power as adults to tackle the crisis - nor such well-honed defense mechanisms - young people are vulnerable to distress and anxiety, which may be exacerbated by the perceived failure of governments to appropriately respond to the crisis.

Funding from the Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Global enabled us to develop two programmes of support for young people, aged 18 - 25, and one for parents/carers.


Radical Nurture Group for Youth Climate Activists

This consisted of a series of six small group support circles, creating safe spaces to share difficult thoughts and feelings and learn different techniques for coping with climate-related distress.


Resilience Toolkit for Young People

The second project, Resilience Toolkit for Young People: Responding to the Climate Crisis via Imagination and Conversation offered a programme of six workshops including sessions on art therapy, storytelling, intergenerational dynamics and exploring eco-anxiety.


Parent/Carer/Guardian Climate Circles

Providing support to parents/carers/guardian is another way of supporting young people. When parents/carers are able to manage their own climate related distress they are in a stronger position to be present and connected with the young people in their care and help them to manage their feelings.

If you are a parent, carer or guardian click here for more information.


Learning from our experience

We welcome feedback from all the young people who take part in these projects to help us develop our work to provide the most useful support that we can.

If you are a young person interested in taking part in any of our future support sessions and workshops please get in touch.


About Us

We are a diverse community of therapeutic practitioners, thinkers, researchers, artists and others who believe that attending to the psychology and emotions of the climate and ecological crisis is at the heart of our work.


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