Professional Development

The Continuing Professional Development we offer fosters Climate Crisis Awareness in the psychological professions.

We have three main CPD offerings.

  • Through the Door workshops are for psychological professionals to expand their vision of work to include the climate crisis

  • Climate-aware clinical practice events are clinically focused sessions for members of CPA including those providing Therapeutic Support

  • Training to run Climate Cafés - see separate page for this here.

Through the Door

The climate crisis creates great change and uncertainty. How can we navigate this as practitioners? Our skills and experience are needed way beyond the consulting room.

Stepping through the door from the consulting room to the world outside might mean managing the absence of our usual authority and the vulnerability that comes from letting go of it. However, we still take with us critical skills of holding anxiety, bearing what is feared to be unbearable and thinking, or naming, the unthinkable. We attend to unconscious processes and be containers, even catalysts, for transformation.

Why take this workshop?

The workshop is an experience of feeling, thinking and imagining together that supports participants in their own version of going ‘through the door’ and finding new ways of feeling into the future that is coming towards us through the climate and ecological crises. It draws on traditional rites of passage to inspire new forms of being and doing, fit for the challenges of this uncertain time.

If you were frustrated with the political process and inaction of COP 26, then consider Through the Door. Between the desire to ‘Do Something’ and the feelings of overwhelm, is a third possibility, that of being with the unendurable feelings and engaging a different reality.

What is it like taking part in Through the Door?

“Yesterday, I was so surprised and energised by the marvellously imaginative and creative event you facilitated. I can't believe I'm saying this of a Zoom event!!! It stayed with me for the whole day. Lots of images and thoughts drifting back and forth. It felt fertile and productive but also, painful and confusing. But, above all I felt energised. I don't think it's made me feel clearer about what I should be doing, or how, but I feel inspired and alive to possibilities! The group thinking triggered not just the loss and chaos of the Crisis but also my personal story. I think this was the 'powerful' connection enlivened in me. Playful, creative and imaginative crisis! If this is what is on the other side of the door .....then, count me in” (Participant)

Still curious?

Read reflections by Chris Robertson, a founding facilitator of Through the Door.

Have questions? Contact us to discuss whether the workshop is for you.

Ready to book?

Check our events calendar or visit our Eventbrite page to find the date of our next workshop and register.

Places are limited to 18 people.

Cost : Standard tickets are £100 and there is also a 'pay what you can' option from £5 - £80.

Facilitator Team

Chris Robertson - psychotherapist and trainer since 1978, ex-CPA Chair, co-founder of Re-Vision and contributor to Depth Psychology and Climate Change and forthcoming A Matter of Life and Death.

Harriet Sams - tutor, mentor, guide and ecotherapist. She is currently researching archaeotherapy for her PhD. 

Steffi Bednarek - psychotherapist, trauma therapist and organisational consultant

Jennifer Fendya - Psychologist, Sandplay practitioner, nature & forest therapy guide, Climate Reality Project leader and CPA member, actively engaged in the creative expression of climate change-related experience. 

Rebecca Nestor - organisational consultant, facilitator and coach, based in Oxford, UK. She is a board member of the Climate Psychology Alliance, leads the CPA’s work on climate cafes, and recently submitted her doctoral thesis at the University of Essex/Tavistock Centre on leadership in climate change organisations

Climate-aware clinical practice

As we work clinically with the climate crisis we benefit from discussion with colleagues.

CPA offers a members only, monthly clinically focused event for Therapeutic Support practitioners and the wider CPA membership.This 90 minute event, runs from 19.00-20.30 UK time. The time is divided between a thematic presentation and peer supervision/intervision and either or both can be attended.

Any member interested in attending this event please visit the listings on the members only community platform or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Us

We are a diverse community of therapeutic practitioners, thinkers, researchers, artists and others. We believe that attending to the psychology and emotions of the climate and ecological crisis is at the heart of our work.


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