Climate change, grief and hopeWelcome to our podcasts! 

These feature creative thoughtful conversations between climate psychologists and our friends about the climate and biodiversity crisis, exploring the range of emotional responses to the climate and biodiversity crisis.

We call the series Catastrophe or Transformation. Whilst much of the narrative around the climate emergency refers to catastrophe and apocalypse, we find that by facing into these difficult realities, listening to our hearts and staying curious, transformational emotional change is possible.

We are grateful to Caroline Hickman, the initiator and major contributor of the series and Verity Sharp and Parity Audio for hosting and producing the first 16 podcasts.

We are grateful to Verity Sharp and Parity Audio for hosting and producing the first 16 podcasts.

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Latest Podcasts

Climate change, grief and hope

As the reality of the climate and biodiversity crises unfolds, our mental health is increasingly at risk. If we are to avoid falling into isolation and despair, we need to talk about how we’re feeling. Here to open this podcast series psychotherapist Caroline Hickman discusses with Verity Sharp why we find it so hard to face climate change, how we can process grief and how falling apart is a vital part of the solution.

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Ecocide and the life of Polly Higgins

The Earth needs a good lawyer, and it found one in the late Polly Higgins. An environmental lawyer, she fought for the word ‘ecocide’ to be recognized in a court of law against those who are knowingly contributing to the breakdown of our planet’s life support systems. Her inspirational character, intellectual and spiritual life and remarkable achievements are celebrated here by her good friend Tree Staunton of Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling in conversation with psychotherapist Caroline Hickman of the University of Bath and Verity Sharp.

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Talking with children about climate change

How far is it appropriate to engage children and young people in talking about the frightening situation we are in with regards to the climate and the biodiversity crisis? Psychotherapist Caroline Hickman has worked with children for many years and, in conversation with Verity Sharp, shares her experience about ways we can think about addressing this all-important question.

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We are a diverse community of therapeutic practitioners, thinkers, researchers, artists and others. We believe that attending to the psychology and emotions of the climate and ecological crisis is at the heart of our work.


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