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One-to-One Therapeutic Support

CPA runs a directory of therapeutic practitioners who offer support to people who are affected by the ecological, biodiversity and climate crises.

A climate-aware community that knows how to listen

What feelings come up for you when you think about the climate and ecological crisis?

Perhaps you get anxious or angry. Maybe you’re overcome with grief. Or maybe it’s all too overwhelming and you end up feeling numb.

And how is it affecting your life?

It could be you’re someone whose sleep or general ability to function has been impacted or whose relationships have suffered. Perhaps your eco-activism has led to specific struggles, such as anxiety around arrest or reaching a state of burnout.

It might reassure you to know that all of these responses are normal and none of them need to be faced alone.

While it can be hard to talk to family, friends or colleagues about our difficulties - as they may themselves be struggling - here at CPA we have a directory of members who have walked this path and are available to offer therapeutic support. Over 95% of those on the directory are trained and registered psychotherapists and counsellors. The few who are not have other relevant training. And we are also engaging with our own emotions around the climate crisis as artists, researchers, activists writers, educators, parents.

Who can we help?

  • Students - are you studying a climate course that has upset you?

  • Scientists - is working daily with frightening data a source of anxiety?

  • People of colour - do you feel moved to take part in environmental activism but put off by the racism in the field?

  • Parents - is thinking about your children’s uncertain future becoming too much to bear?

  • Anyone - are you distressed by the constant bad news or getting distracted by thoughts of climate catastrophe?

What can we offer?

  • Up to three free sessions of therapeutic support - usually by phone or online, sometimes in person

  • A safe and empathetic space where you can vent and be listened to without judgement

  • Support in facing the uncertainty of the climate and ecological crisis

  • Validation of, and help understanding, difficult feelings and responses

  • Practical tips on how to deal with trauma and emotional overwhelm and ways to develop emotional resilience

  • Help to start make meaning.

  • Signposting for action or further support, including free or low-cost therapeutic work if necessary

What next?

The Therapeutic Support Directory is in the process of development.  We still have plenty of TS Practitioners ready to help, and they will be listed shortly. In the meantime, if you would like to use this offering please contact the Therapeutic Support Co-ordinator at with a brief description of the issues you are seeking help for and she will be able to provide you with some names of Practitioners who will be able to talk to you.

Please note that this is not an emergency service. If you have concerns about your own or others' mental health, contact the Samaritans on 116 123 or your GP.

If this is not a service you feel you need right now but you are looking for information, feel free to browse the rest of our website. Try the Podcasts, for example, which many have found helpful. We have many other resources, and we hope that you may find them helpful, wherever you are on your climate journey.

Provision in US and Canada

There is a climate aware therapists list available through the CPA North America site. Please note that free sessions are not part of the North America offering at this time. 

For further questions contact us.

About Us

We are a diverse community of therapeutic practitioners, thinkers, researchers, artists and others. We believe that attending to the psychology and emotions of the climate and ecological crisis is at the heart of our work.


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