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Newsletters - CPA's current and previous newsletters

CPA Newsletter March 2016

Imprisonment is this month’s headline theme because it has been proposed or threatened, virtually simultaneously, on both sides of the climate struggle.

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CPA Newsletter January 2016

New Year Issue: “Apres moi le deluge

Nature has obliged with post-Paris deluges in the British Isles, the Missouri region and a large tract of South America.

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CPA Newsletter December 2015

How can we help to sustain legitimate and constructive hope, in the face of either delusional expectations or resignation and despair.

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CPA Newsletter November 2015

The Road to Paris

For a while in 2009, as Copenhagen approached, the denial industry seemed to go very quiet. Have they given up? some of us wondered. It was  the lull before the storm of “climategate” which helped to ensure that COP 15 ended in disarray.

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CPA Newsletter October 2015

Diverse Themes

The refugee / migrant crisis is a huge and complex subject not least in the tension between these two terms.

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