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International - welcome to our new international section which we'll be developing in coming weeks

Climate change knows no borders


That is why CPA welcomes exciting new organisational developments near and far.

feb2016nasa1We had international links from the outset with Susan Bodnar and Renee Lertzmann in USA involved both in conversations about how CPA was set up, and offering on-going support for the organisation

Australian public intellectual Clive Hamilton spoke at our launch meeting six years ago.

Key writers and thinkers in this field have come from all over the world. Psychoanalyst Harold Searles whose 1972 paper Unconscious Processes in Relation to the Environmental Crisis is being discussed as I write in a On-line Colloquium of the IARPP, led the way, and we also honour Theodore Roszak who wrote The Voice of the Earth (in which he coined the term for the budding field of Ecopsychology),  and edited the anthology Ecopsychology: Healing the Mind, Restoring the Earth and Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects

More recently we have publications from Joseph Dodds, Renee Lertzmann, Donna Orange, Leslie Davenport complimenting our UK 'home grown' books such as Engaging with Climate Change and Vital Signs and In Time for Tomorrow

So what is happening?

In Scotland a group of academics have gathered to explore why people are apathetic towards climate change, and what professionals in the tertiary education sector could do about it in order to increase climate change engagement. From this work there was an aspiration to develop application ideas across HEI and FEI campuses and curricula. Their first meeting was held on 12th May 2017 and monthly meetings will follow starting on 27th June 2017

Contact John Thorne if you are interested

In North America friends of CPA and their colleagues are exploriing how the many psychological professionals can engage together to support each other and take more work forward. Their first Zoom meeting takes place Wednesday 5th July. Contact Elizabeth Allured if you would like to join  the group

Joseph Dodds in Prague is the contact person for a Central Europe group , with members currently in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, and Budapest which hope to develop further. All interested psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts and related professions are welcome to get involved.  CPA Central Europe Faccebook page

We hope that as many people as possible in these growing groups will subscribe to CPA to enable the ongoing viability of ventures such as this website which continues to welcome international contributions, a google group and, as we expand, our own online conferences and discussions.

Meanwhile we invite:-