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Poems - some space for creative pieces

is a radical yet subtle act.

Be present in every small breath of Life, showing up in this moment and in this;
attentive, responsive, courageous,

Offer a new story – beyond separation, disrupting duality;
doing the beautiful we find ourselves artists of the infinite.

Embody the divine, through the three tandiens – the pelvic cradle, heart and third eye:
jing, qi, shen ….
opening into the wu wei –

the empty gasp.

And in our playfulness, our childlike arrival afresh in life, we might tumble to carnival
– the subversion of rules. Inhabiting the landscape of interbeing,
let us feel that rush of ‘I thou’ connection,
the interstices of love.

Through such urgent intercourse,
the fertility and potency of mysticism and activism might finally fully merge -

birthing new hope in troubled times.



March 2015