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Papers - more detailed items such as lecture papers or published pieces

In Climate Change, Psychology Often Gets Lost in Translation

Why do we only allow a narrow sliver of psychological research to influence the discussion around climate change?

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Well-being of Misfortune: accepting ecological disaster

Today we are closer to the catastrophe than the alarm itself, which means that it is high time for us to compose a well-being of misfortune, even if it had the appearance of the arrogance of a miracle.

Rene Char (cited in Bataille)

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Myths of Stability: putting capitalism before creation

Jay Griffiths, writer and author of Wild, was speaker at the Radical Hope conference April 2015 see youtube link

Her paper was previously published in Orion November/December 2013




What are our Narratives?

Why are the truths difficult? What sense does it make to have a sign in our shop window saying 'difficult'?

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Climate Stories: a psychological barometer

Is Climate Change just a literal threat to our survival,one to which we need to accommodate by being more in balance and showing more restraint? Yes and climate is also a phenomenon of the imagination.

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Everything and Nothing: Radical Hope in a time of climate change

The author's reflection on the theme of Radical Hope (CPA conference April 2015), bringing his own thinking and analysis to bear.

'When the buffalo went away, the hearts of my people fell to the ground and they could not lift them up again. After this nothing happened.'

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