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Our past events - this page features reports on previous CPA events and events to which we have contributed



Notes from the day

Event details:

  • 9.30am-5.30pm
  • The Salisbury Centre Edinburgh EH16 5AB
  • Aim: share our knowledge, experience, practice & interests
  • Facilitated by Nadine Andrews


  • Opening mindfulness & nature connection exercise
  • Individual creative exercise in the garden - creating something out of found objects that represents how we feel about climate change/ecological crisis
  • Group sharing of what we have made
  • Sharing of expertise, research, work (15 mins each)
  • Open space for emerging issues/topics


Nadine Andrews, John Thorne, Julian Manley, Anja Byg, Sarah-Ford Hutchinson, Clement Luciani, John Wincott, Annabel Pinker, Rebecca Smith, Rebecca Petford, Eva Schonveld, David Somervell


Apologies: Osbert Lancaster, Catherine Happer, Julian Holbrook, Sabrina Chiaretti, Gemma Stenhouse, June Graham.


Themes to explore further

Community empowerment, sense of agency

Why do we care about climate change?

Inner conflict

Guilt & motivation

Framing climate change as risk

Spiritual dimensions

Speaking truth

Achieving joined up thinking/working

Competence, what is success

Sense of place, attachment, land & belonging

Inner-outer, mind-body


Ideas for future CPA-S sessions

How to use psycho-social approach to improve engagement

Open space/World Café focussed discussion sessions

Mix of conversations/discussions of particular topics together with exercises

Out of work time & face to face sessions around Scotland

Tools – personal & professional

Support members to explore feelings & issues in their own format

Organising another full day & continue the monthly meetings

More specific, task focussed work together

Another member day January 2019

More engagement & sharing on social media of some of the key resources discussed

Testing models & approaches in sessions to explore & understand a situation