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wp28a0c726 05 06Saturday 1st October 2016
9.30am - 5.00pm
M Shed
Princes Wharf, Wapping Rd, Bristol, BS1 4RN

Tickets: £110/ ‘Early Bird’ places £90

(A few bursaries are offered on request)


Speakers: Dr. Donna Orange and Dr. Judy Ryde
Chair: Professor Peter Hawkins

Both man-made and natural disasters are becoming more and more frequent as is made almost inevitable by political instability, soaring population numbers and climate change.

This is disturbing to us all, even if it is only through watching or reading the news. Those who experience this turbulence nearer at hand can be highly traumatised, often in complex ways.

This conference sets out to bring together:

Those who are interested to explore how individuals and countries affected by traumatic events can recover or live with these experiences

● Those who work directly with people thus affected and want to deepen their understanding of their needs

● Those who suffer vicarious trauma through this work and want to consider how they can live healthy lives in the face of this

Dr Judy Ryde, Director of Trauma Foundation South West, will speak about trauma in today’s disaster-prone world and Dr Donna Orange, of the Institute for the Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, will discuss the needs of all humanitarian workers who work with traumatised people.

They will be in dialogue with each other and then with those who attend the conference, who will also be in dialogue with each other.



The evening before, 30th September, Donna Orange is in conversation with Polly Higgins on (Radical Climate Justice) an event jointly organised by CPA and BCPC.