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The Climate Psychology Alliance provides a forum for people wanting to make connections between depth psychology and climate change, as we all face the difficult truths of climate change and ecological crisis.



We believe that using psychological and psychotherapeutic tools, we can:

  • help to illuminate the complex individual and cultural responses we are witnessing as the crisis unfolds
  • contribute to the difficult task of getting people to engage with the unthinkable, and
  • help people to develop resilience, so that they can contribute to sustainable communities and prepare for change.

We are ready to work with any groups or individuals who are interested in our approach.

Our themes

We are currently exploring:


  • how to provide a place for conscious and unconscious feelings of hopelessness, grief and outrage in the face of our collective denial
  • what it means psychologically to live sustainably – giving up our addiction to living unsustainably and our sense of entitlement
  • the therapeutic effects of working and being in the natural world 
  • how best to communicate about climate change, and
  • how humans relate to the other-than-human.

What we offer

Our activities include:

  • keeping this website up to date with information, regular posts and forums for discussion
  • providing seminars, workshops and day conferences connecting psychological understanding to current climate issues
  • offering talks, workshops and consultancy to organisations interested in understanding more about the psychological dimensions of climate change and ecology
  • getting into partnership with like-minded organisations and groups
  • providing space for dialogue – to think, feel and imagine together, and
  • sharing a sense of belonging, meeting and connecting, through membership.